when interviewing candidates for your finance team, sometimes it’s easy to see who won’t fit in…

other times, it can be challenging to know exactly what to look for.

at a la carte solutions, we understand that business owners may not have a clear understanding of what qualities and experience to look for from their accounting + finance team. but, since we’ve had years of experience in the field, we understand what it takes to screen and assess prospective professionals to make sure they are the right fit for our clients. so here are a few tips:

  • find “clues” that are there in candidates’ resumés: if, for example, you’re looking to fill a position where there are well-established procedures or where the employee will be responsible for consistent, repetitive tasks, look for “signs” that the candidate embraces constancy. people that move frequently from one position to another may be telegraphing their need for newness and variety; and may be more comfortable in an environment that is less structured.
  • listen to their answers — and their questions: often the questions a prospective employee asks are as revealing as the answers they provide. if, for example, you’re looking for someone who is big picture (vs. detail-oriented), they may ask questions about goals, dreams, vision, a “5 year plan” versus more tactical queries about processes, systems, implementation.

these are just a couple of insights we’ve discovered over the years we’ve identified, interviewed and cultivated professionals for clients’ finance teams. it‘s just one more part of what we mean when say “you’ll have a great experience because we have so much of it... profit from our experience.”

if you’re looking for finance team members that fit, give us a call. we can employ our proprietary Finance Team Audit & Planner to make sure you have just who you’re looking for.

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