Tonetta L. Conner, Managing Partner at HARRINGTON GROUP, talks about the positive effects & contributions of working with the self-managed, self-directed accounting team at A La CARTE Solutions.

"With A La CARTE Solutions in the accounting role, I soon realized that I didn't have to worry about that area and I could spend my time focusing on other management areas. Best of all, A La CARTE Solutions treats our business like it's their business."
-Tonetta L. Conner




profit from experience

When it comes to getting reliable information about your business or gaining valuable insight about your company’s financial health, you want the best.  You want only the best.
At A La CARTE Solutions, we help companies meet that need by offering custom-tailored flexible, outsourced accounting teams designed to suit your business.
Consistently delivering high-quality information requires a mix of financial expertise at various levels with diverse skill sets. Our custom-tailored finance teams consist of CFO’s, accounting staff, and everything in between. So, you don’t have to pick and choose – you can have it all. And you can have as much of or as little as you want. You decide - we’re flexible.
You deserve financial information that is Complete, Accurate, Reliable, Timely and Excellent: A La CARTE.
After helping businesses create the optimal finance solution for years, we can safely say we have a solid track record of success and a reputation for earning our clients’ trust.
That’s why we feel comfortable in our promise: “You’ll have a great experience because we have so much of it...”
Profit from our Experience.




Experienced, seasoned accounting professionals who become an extension of your existing accounting team.


A flexible, outsourced accounting solution for privately-held companies that lack accountable staff and reliable financial information.


Smaller companies often settle for less expertise than they need. We exist, so they don’t have to.


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