Specialty Services


Specialty Services

Every company needs special accounting projects completed from time-to-time. A La CARTE Solutions’ team of licensed CPAs and experienced CFOs quickly and efficiently delivers on-demand Special Services for clients at a reasonable cost.We often identify and communicate the need for a Special Service during new client on-boarding or the normal course of providing Accounting & Reporting Services. Other times, clients share a frustrating experience with us, such as inconsistencies with employee expense reimbursement requests. Hopefully only once-in-a-lifetime, a global pandemic may demand immediate action to understand and apply for government relief. Whatever the cause, we deliver custom-tailored solutions to address each client’s unique needs.The most common Specialty Services our clients currently request are:

  • PPP Loan Forgiveness Application
  • As soon as the Paycheck Protection Program was announced, we swiftly applied for funding on behalf of our clients with multiple financial institutions, resulting in immediate cash flow relief. All client applications were approved and funded within 30 days with no questions asked. Since then, we have:

    • Continuously remained abreast of the SBA’s guidance on loan forgiveness, providing peace-of-mind to our clients during an extraordinary time.
    • Prepared and submitted loan forgiveness applications on behalf of many clients and will continue those efforts until forgiveness has been granted.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Every company is at risk of employee fraud and embezzlement. We conduct thorough evaluations of accounting procedures to assess existing risks. We then:

    • Identify weaknesses in existing internal controls, processes and procedures.
    • Provide recommendations, including an implementation plan, to mitigate risks and strengthen internal controls.
    • Execute on the plan, working closely with you and your team to set your company up for success.
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • When the accounting department is not running smoothly, it’s essential to pinpoint the source of the problems. We conduct a thorough audit of systems, personnel and processes to identify the issues and make recommendations for resolution. We:

    • Work closely with you and your team to understand existing systems, policies, procedures and people.
    • Identify areas for improvement in operational efficiencies, internal controls, staffing, organizational structure, policies and procedures.
    • Document our conclusions and recommendations in a detailed report, including an implementation plan and timeline.
    • Execute on the plan, working closely with you and your team to set your company up for success.
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Outdated or insufficient accounting policies and procedures is a common problem for small and mid-sized businesses. Our experienced team establishes and documents the complete set of policies and procedures you need to scale your business and mitigate the risk of losing institutional and tribal knowledge due to employee turnover. We:

    • Develop and implement comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that improve operating efficiencies and reduce the risk of fraud.
    • Document the SOPs in clearly-communicated written manuals and training videos for current and future employees.
  • Software Training
  • Software TrainingUnderutilized software is a common problem that reduces efficiencies and creates frustrations. Our certified accounting experts deliver the comprehensive training your employees need to excel in their jobs.

    • We invest the time to evaluate employees’ current knowledge and software utilization patterns.
    • We work with your employees, one-on-one or as a team, to demonstrate best practices, teach tips & tricks, and help them get the most out of your company’s software solutions.

Working with ALC

Your ALC team members monitor your company’s accounting and operating infrastructure as part of our monthly engagement. When deficiencies or exceptions are identified by our team or yours, we provide a customized scope of work and associated fees for the appropriate Special Service.

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