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If Done Right, Part-Time Professionals Can Work for Your Business

Think part-time professionals aren’t a right fit for your business? You might want to rethink this: If you don't consider hiring part-time people when you have a position open, you may be throwing money down the drain, settling for someone with the wrong skill set, or both. Many businesses don’t consider hiring part-time employees as…
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Why Remote Workers Are a Trend Employers Can’t Say No To

Think about the business environment of previous generations, when working from home or another remote location was just that—remote, in terms of connectivity to other coworkers and management. Without cell phones, email, text, IM, or even fax machines, interoffice communication was clunky and slow, relying on personal landlines or pagers to route messages and make…
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The Employment Market is Backwards

The employment market has it all wrong. Conventionally and traditionally, full-time jobs are characterized as 40+-hour-work-weeks. Consequently, employers believe that they are paying for people’s time. And that belief leads them to expect employees to keep their butts in that office chair for those 40+ hours or otherwise put in 40+ hours of work every…
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