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1 Minute Wednesday: Incentive Compensation Plans

  A client recently asked me about how best to structure an incentive compensation plan that also protects the company’s interest. If you’ve been following and listening to my videos, you know that I’m all about cash flow and profitability, so this video talks about how to create successful incentive compensation plans with an eye…
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1-MINUTE WEDNESDAY : Prevent Employee Credit Card Fraud

  Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to fraud and employee embezzlement:  they lack the resources and business owners trust too much and too easily. Employee thieves are not your stereotypical criminal. 90% of them are first-time offenders. They become thieves because they are given an opportunity. There are lots of way to prevent small business…
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1 – MINUTE WEDNESDAY : Maximize Cash by Managing Inventory

    Smart business owners are always looking for ways to maximize their cash. There are lots of ways to do that. One really effective method is by managing inventory levels. This video gives two simple ideas on how to manage your inventory to maximize your cash. I hope you enjoy it and share it!
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