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1-Minute Wednesday: What is a Budget and Why do I need one?

You can think of a budget in one of 2 simple ways. You can think of a budget simply as permission to spend money. Without a budget, you haven’t given yourself, or anyone else permission to spend your money. When you have a budget, you have a spending plan. You plan what you spend, and…
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1-Minute Wednesday: Surviving a Phishing Attack

When it comes to phishing attacks, the key to survival lies in your hands – the Business Owner. Hackers are great at copying us – our email addresses, our style of writing, our choice of words. They use those things to trick our accounting team into quickly sending out money to them. But the one…
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1-Minute Wednesday: Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce

 Today’s topic is one that is very close to my heart: Effectively managing remote employees. A lot goes into managing any employee, but managing remotely can be daunting. Here’s the key: It’s a mindset shift. The natural tendency we have as business owners is to measure hours worked or time spent. Consider shifting your…
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5 Must-Do’s to Keep Clients Happy

As a business owner, sometimes it’s hard not to take business challenges personally. After all, it’s your business, and the buck stops with you. But it’s important to have a healthy relationship with your business, draw a line, and be able to see your business separate from yourself. Only then, can you take a step…
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5 Steps to Building a Solid Cash Flow Forecast

I was floored when I learned that 82% of business failures are due to poor cash flow management. That is a staggering number and it made me wonder why more business owners don’t get help. Maybe their bookkeeper doesn’t know how to manage their cash. Maybe they don’t know where to start. Or maybe they…
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If Done Right, Part-Time Professionals Can Work for Your Business

Think part-time professionals aren’t a right fit for your business? You might want to rethink this: If you don't consider hiring part-time people when you have a position open, you may be throwing money down the drain, settling for someone with the wrong skill set, or both. Many businesses don’t consider hiring part-time employees as…
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