what is a la c.a.r.t.e.® ?

Every company, regardless of size, should demand high-quality, reliable and timely financial information – information we call a la c.a.r.t.e® - Complete, Accurate, Reliable, Timely and Excellent. Wiliani and Associates provides a flexible, outsourced accounting solution to companies that demand  a la c.a.r.t.e®  financial information.

It’s no mystery that smaller companies often lack  a la c.a.r.t.e®  information. That’s because high-quality information requires a team of accounting professionals with a varied mix of levels and skill sets including Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, bookkeepers and other accounting professionals. But due to resource constraints, smaller companies often settle for less than what they need, both in quantity and quality. With our flexible, cost-effective solution, there's no need to settle for anything but the best. We exist so these smaller companies no longer have to settle for anything less than what they need and deserve.

If your business is lacking a la c.a.r.t.e®  financial information, call us...we can help!