Staff Evaluation

Staff Evaluation, Recruitment and Training

Good people are often hard to find, unless you know what you are looking for and have the expertise to read between the lines of a resume. We can identify key positions you might be lacking in your accounting department, find qualified candidates that fit your culture and work style, and train them to be part of a world-class accounting team.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell why an employee is under-performing while others are hitting it out of the park. It could be a simple mismatch of skill sets to the position they are in, or it could be related to a misfit in natural workplace characteristics. It could even be related to conflicts in management styles. We can provide you and your staff with workplace behavioral surveys and assessments that will help your team gain clarity. You’d be surprised at how many people we see working in positions that are a complete mismatch for their natural workplace characteristics. Knowing those gaps will give you clues as to what changes to make to set your team up for success.