Does one size really fit all?

when looking for your next finance professional, you want a solution that fits your unique business needs.

a fantastic CFO rarely makes for a great Controller... and a top-notch Staff Accountant may be ill-suited to manage your AP and AR.

at a la carte solutions, we’ve had years of experience screening and assessing finance personnel to make sure they are the right fit for us and our clients.

what we’ve come to understand along the way is that sometimes “the right fit” is really more like “the right team.” where some organizations need only a fraction of a CFO’s time, they may be best served by a mix of finance professionals that is custom-tailored to meet their unique needs.

in fact, at a la carte solutions we employ a proprietary assessment tool to help you understand the right mix of finance personnel for your firm.

give us a call or send us an email to learn more about our Finance Team Audit & Planner — or to learn what solution would work best for you.

one size may not fit all... but with an a la carte solutions custom-built finance team working for you, you’ll have the perfect fit.

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