A Full Blown Accounting Team for Less than the Cost of a Senior Accountant!

The owner of a growing technology services company needed a budget and cash flow projections to ensure his business could handle the expected growth in revenue. He tasked his most senior accounting person with the job, an accountant who had no experience with budgets or cash flow projections. Not only did she spin her wheels for months trying to "figure it out", but became overwhelmed and fell behind in her daily, weekly and monthly tasks. At the same time, the owner grew more and more frustrated with the lack of information he needed to run his business. We identified the mismatch in skill sets, and quickly brought in a team of accountants at low, mid and high skill levels to provide all of the services the owner needed, from daily bank and account reconciliations, to monthly financial statements, to budgeting and cash flow management! The best part? The cost of his new accounting team of 3 is now less than what he was spending on his Senior Accountant!

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