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5 Ways to Maximize Cash Flow: Part 4: Examine Your Spending to Increase Your Savings

Essential to keeping any business not just afloat but healthy for the long term is the ability to generate and maintain positive cash flow—an indicator of a company’s overall financial stability and performance. It takes a combination of sound financial planning, savvy resource allocation, and perceptive financial analysis to measure the movement of money into…
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Shirley Wiliani Speaks to High School Kids about Entrepreneurship, Business and Accounting

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Friday morning, May 18, 2018, I was on my way to Alliance Susan & Eric Smidt Tech High School in East LA to speak to this group of 16 & 17-year old kids from underprivileged communities. We started the day with a moment of silence to acknowledge the events that had taken place that morning in Texas, to think about these kids lives and how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to discover new career paths through the work of Mark Stagen and the Youth Business Alliance. We spent the next 90 minutes playing Monopoly - some played the role of the Business Owner, while others were Accountants and Property Managers responsible for recording transactions, providing insight and crucial decision-making information to the Business Owners. Together, they discovered what they liked and didn't like about entrepreneurship, business and accounting. Hopefully, I made a positive impact in one of these kids lives that day and gave them a reason to continue to hope and dream despite the unspeakable tragedy we all woke up to that morning.

6 Tips for Extraordinary Productivity: Part 2 of 2

Productivity: How you can accomplish more Recently, I sent first in my two-part series on productivity. Once you’ve identified your Big Rocks and identified what is Important (vs. what is urgent), here are some additional tips for getting more done... and done well. Set Expectations The general belief and understanding is that a full-time job…
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6 Tips for Extraordinary Productivity: Part 1 of 2

“How do you do it? How do you able to accomplish so much, and do so without compromising results or quality.” As a mom to 3 young kids, a wife, an entrepreneur with a growing business, and a triathlete, I get this question a lot. I used to shrug it off, reply with “I don’t…
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