Monthly Archives: October 2019

1-Minute Wednesday: Segregating Duties to Prevent Employee Embezzlement

You’ve probably heard the term “Segregating Duties” but what does it mean and why should you care? There are lots of way to prevent small business fraud and employee embezzlement. You may have heard of the term “Segregation of Duties”. Simply put, segregation of duties requires shared responsibilities of a key process that disperses the…
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1-Minute Wednesday: Preventing Small Business Check Fraud

Employee thieves are not your stereotypical criminal. 90% of them are first-time offenders. They become thieves because they are given an opportunity. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to fraud and employee embezzlement because they lack the resources to implement strong internal controls and properly segregate duties in the accounting department.
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1-Minute Wendesday: Signs Your Accounting is Being Done Right

If you own a business, it’s important to know if your accounting department measures up. Here are a few tell-tail signs. First, make sure your accountant consistently delivers accurate, reliable and timely financial statements to you like clockwork. If they are regularly late, or just don’t look right, there’s likely a problem. Second, your accountant…
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