Monthly Archives: July 2019

1-Minute Wednesday: What is a Budget and Why do I need one?

You can think of a budget in one of 2 simple ways. You can think of a budget simply as permission to spend money. Without a budget, you haven’t given yourself, or anyone else permission to spend your money. When you have a budget, you have a spending plan. You plan what you spend, and…
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1-Minute Wednesday: Surviving a Phishing Attack

When it comes to phishing attacks, the key to survival lies in your hands – the Business Owner. Hackers are great at copying us – our email addresses, our style of writing, our choice of words. They use those things to trick our accounting team into quickly sending out money to them. But the one…
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1-Minute Wednesday: Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce

 Today’s topic is one that is very close to my heart: Effectively managing remote employees. A lot goes into managing any employee, but managing remotely can be daunting. Here’s the key: It’s a mindset shift. The natural tendency we have as business owners is to measure hours worked or time spent. Consider shifting your…
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